Ideas are bullshit. The execution of them is what matters

Okay, so this is my first blog post.  It’s about 12:30 on a Sunday.

I was initially inspired to start this blog about 2-3 hours ago after reading a thread online on starting blogs.

Someone had given his opinion that in order to have a successful blog, one would need to keep at it for 2-3 years and had no patience for it.


I had tried starting another blog about 6 months back and after a few days of setting up the website, registering the domain name, picking all the right colors and other bullshit, I wrote one blog post.

That’s right.  All that fucking time for just one blog post.

Then I quit.


Because I just didn’t give a shit.

While the topic of that blog was something I felt passionate about (meeting chicks), it wasn’t something I could commit to writing every week about, much less every other day.

It’s one thing to go experience something but a completely different thing altogether to write about it.

Not to mention the proof reading, font selection, time of day to post and all the other shit that’s rarely mentioned.

But today was different.

Something about that post inspired me.

Was there something in my life that I felt I could write about for 2-3 straight years on an ongoing basis.

Then it hit me!

Self improvement.  Or rather…

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT (Kaizen in Japanese – see tattoo above)

Now, before you start saying there’s a million other mofos out there who already do this shit and albeit much better and organized (ex. Tony Robbins, Victor Pride, GoodLookingLoser, DangerandPlay)

They’re not me.

I’m huge fans of all those guys but at the end of the day, they’re not me.

I’m special.

And you are too.

But whether or not you choose to write about yo ass is up to you.

This is about me and my struggles to make myself a better man and live a happier life.

Some of the shit might resonate with you.

Some might not.

But fuck it.

I’m gonna try this shit out to see if I can stick with it and maybe, just maybe, some other mofos out there might get inspiration from it too.

So what exactly do I mean by continuous improvement.

It’s up to all of us how we think we can each improve in our own lives and hopefully by me sharing what I do in my life, it will help you inspire yourself and do whatever you think you can do to make yourself a better person.

Some of the things that I’ll post later are:

Importance of systems – how it relates to business, health, women, having time management skills

Consistency – In order to be successful at anything, you’ve got to be inconsistent but if, say, your sleeping pattern is all whacked out, then you’ll be continuously rethinking and redoing your schedule on a daily basis using precious mental energy that could otherwise be utilized for creating YOUR ART.

Whether that be ART of making money

ART of blogging

ART of helping people

ART of writing music

ART of chillin…

ART of meeting women

Whatever you consider your life’s passion, in my opinion, that is what your mental energy is best spent on.

Not figuring out what to do this week cuz you’re all lost and fucked up.

Now don’t get me wrong.

If you’re in startup mode, figuring your shit out. IT’S OKAY.

Just acknowledge you’re in startup mode and quickly analyze what worked and what didn’t work but then fine tune as soon as you can to tighten up your system.

As an example, I used to think my life was going to be set up in San Francisco, my hometown.

Until I traveled abroad and realize hellz no was I going to only limit myself to only staying in one place.

So suddenly a million ideas hit me on how to possibly live this life of traveling to different places in the world.

It’s been tough.

It’s been fucking hard as hell.

Shit, as much as I meditate, work out, read a lot of other self improvement books..

It’s been a BIOTCH…

But it’s worth it.

The feeling of being free of the matrix is something to work for.

The feeling of being free to pursue YOUR INSPIRATION on YOUR OWN TERMS is FREEDOM.

I will attempt to share my struggles and triumphs along the way along with lessons learned.

I’m not gonna front and say I’m there but what you’ll get from me is complete honesty.

Because if I can’t be fucking honest on a random ass blog, how can I expect to be free in the world living life on my own terms.

Okay, gotta go make my morning shake (actually afternoon shake now but it’s okay, I’ll sacrifice messing up my schedule today to start this blog)

Peace out,

Kaizen Man of Steel

PS Shit, I just realized my topic had nothing to do with the overall theme of my post.  Well, basically, I was inspired to start this blog about 10-11AM but almost quit since the initial WordPress theme was confusing.  Since I’m a newbie at blogging, it took me about an hour just to become familiar with all the shit.  Then I wanted to stick the photo of my tattoo but the formatting for photos wasn’t correct so spent another 30 min – 1 hour just finding a solution to a stupid ass photo which still doesn’t even make my site look at that good.  But it’s the principle of it.  Finish the fucking goal.  Coming up with an idea to do a blog or anything for that matter is one thing.  It’s a completely different thing to go through all the bullshit details and execute the idea altogether.